Venkatesh Shanmugam says sports science is helping current players to improve

Venkatesh Shanmugam says sports science is helping current players to improve

Former Indian national team captain and current Asst coach of the Indian National team Venkatesh Shanmugam is happy about the progress of Indian football. He also thinks sports science is doing well for the sport. “contribution of sports science in helping current players improve their knowledge”.

In an interview with AIFF TV Venkatesh Shanmugam shared his experience with Blue Tigers and future planning.

Venkatesh Shanmugam says before 2000 Indian football team didn’t follow strict diet

“There was no sports science back then which is why we weren’t so strict with our diet. We only got physios and doctors after 2000, and then began to learn what we need to do to improve our game.”Venkatesh Shanmugam told AIFF TV.

Venkatesh Shanmugam says the off-field knowdlge was lacking

“The off-field knowledge of professional players back then was lacking. Of course on the pitch, they were all great. Players like Bhaichung [Bhutia] and [IM] Vijayan come once in a lifetime.”

Venkatesh Shanmugam says the current players are very knowledgeable how to take care of their body at the offseason 

“But if you look at the current crop right now, you will understand that they have more knowledge of how to handle things, take care of their body in the off-season, put emphasis on diet.”

Venkatesh Shanmugam says current players are getting media  attention

“I would also like to mention that the current crop is also extremely lucky to have an idea of how to deal with the media. This awareness has had a very big positive impact on their game.”.

Venkatesh Shanmugam says nowadays Indian players getting lots of exposures

“Nowadays the number of exposure tours and friendly matches have increased quite a lot.

“Teams nowadays get a lot of exposure. Even the junior and the women’s teams play so many exposure matches.”

Venkatesh Shanmugam says many young players are getting more games

“There have been a lot of exposures in the last few years. Especially if you look at Narender [Gahlot] and Amarjit [Singh], who were in the U-17 World Cup, they played close to 50 friendly matches before the main tournament.”

Venkatesh Shanmugam says before 2000 India hardly two friendlies

“We used to hardly get around two friendlies a year before. It was in 2000 that I think we got our first tour when we played some matches in England.”

Venkatesh Shanmugam says a long time ago people use to wear their team jersey in the national team now they are professional

“At that time a lot of the players even used to wear their own club jerseys in National Camps. Some would be wearing East Bengal, some Mohun Bagan, or other clubs. But all of that has changed. It’s so professional now.”Venkatesh Shanmugam concluded.

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