Sunil Chettri: There is comparison with CR7 , I’m happy about it and forget about it

Sunil Chettri: There is comparison with CR7 , I’m happy about it and forget about it

Indian football team’s Skipper Sunil Chettri has been caught up by Indian Cricket team skipper in a live chat show organised by Puma. Both of them are the brand ambasedor of PUMA. The conversation with these two superstar gone viral.

Sunil Chettri says he shows his gratitude to life, it changes him a lot

“In the first month, I had no clue as to what I’m going to do – not allowed to go out, not allowed to train was difficult. Suddenly, it hits you that life is much more bigger than your sport. I remember talking to you when you had already started your training and that really hit me. I started at home – with being more disciplined. Now, we are allowed to train under a bio-bubble and it feels good to be back. I have a lot of gratitude towards life now, which is the biggest change.”Sunil Chettri told in an interview with Virat Kholi.

Sunil Chettri says he learnt evrything from defeats

“I think, in life, I have learnt more from defeats. When I’ve won a lot, over a period of time, I feel I become complacent.”

Virat Kholi says if he can get the consistency in wins and losses then it will be more balanced

“Yes, you understand that you learn more from losses not victories. When you win, you hardly reflect on things. But, I have realized how you should reflect even when you win. You always have something to improve on, learn and get better at. If we can get that consistency in wins and losses, you can be more balanced going forward.”Kholi Told.

Sunil Chettri says there is comparison with CR7 , he’s happy about it and forget about it

“There is no comparison. I feel happy about it and forget about it.

“The joy of playing football and the love I get is unbelievable. It’s not something I have dreamt of. I want to give it everything I have got. I don’t take the pressure, I just enjoy it because I’m living a life which I have not even dreamt of. I don’t let even a day go by where I don’t give my 100%.”Sunil Chettri stated.

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