Sunanda Dhar says  organizing I-League will be a great challenge

Sunanda Dhar says  organizing I-League will be a great challenge

Indian Football is all set to roll on, but there are just a few days of wait from now on. Due to COVID 19 pandemic Indian football has suffered a lot, many Indian players have been tested positive and many clubs and players are running out of money. All Indian Football Federation (AIFF) wants to ensure that the league will be played under the economic conditions and players and support staff will be taken care of separately.  Though all matches will be played behind closed doors.

I-League CEO Sunanda Dhar has been caught up by AIFF Tv and he shared his opinion about the start of the I-league.

Sunanda Dhar says  organising I-League will be a challenge

“It was a challenge. Obviously, we got help from the AFC. As you know, some of the major football leagues in Asia have already started – it started in Korea before Qatar Super League returned, and AFC had organized a workshop in association with the people who are in-charge of the Korean and Qatari leagues. Other member countries of the confederation, including India, were able to pick up a lot of pointers from this workshop in terms of what all regulations were implemented to facilitate the proper functioning of the competition.”Sunanda Dhar told AIFF TV.

Sunanda Dhar thanks AIFF and West bengal Goverment 

“We would also like to thank the AIFF and the West Bengal government in particular, without whom none of this would have been possible. We are extremely happy that AIFF will be the first federation to host a live sporting event in the country post the pandemic.”

Sunanda Dhar says I-League could start in the last week of December

“We had a meeting with I-League club owners. The situation is very grim in some parts of India. Some teams have not been able to start practicing. Also coming in of foreign players is a cause of concern. The general consensus was if the league could be postponed by a month and so the end date. That is being considered at the moment. We are checking this with IFA (Indian Football Association) and the West Bengal government. It will be decided pretty soon and the tournament could start in the last week of December.”

Sunanda Dhar says there are extraordinary circumstances to roll the ball

“It is a unique situation for all of us. Hence, the problems are also unique. It has been a challenge to put football back on the field. Football leagues have resumed in Europe and Asia and we are glad that we have been able to bring back competitive football. No one in the FOP (Field of Play) or in the competition area can enter without getting tested. These are extraordinary circumstances and hence extraordinary measures have been implemented.”Sunanda Dhar concluded.

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