Steven Taylor says ISL’s getting better and better every day

Steven Taylor says ISL’s getting better and better every day

The Wellington Phoenix skipper Steven Taylor joins Odisha Fc this season. The former New Castel defender want to show his skill in India too. The 34 years old English defender caught up by and shares his future possibility about Indian Super League (ISL).

Steven Taylor says ISL’s getting better and better every day

“(ISL)It’s getting better every year with the top quality players that are coming to the ISL and of course, I’ve played with a lot of players who have played in the ISL. And speaking to them, they all loved playing out in India.”Steven Taylor told

Steven Taylor says every player who played in India they all mention it’s a great experience over here

“Yeah, they have been great. They’ve been telling me how much I would enjoy playing out here in India and how much they have loved it so far since signing out here.”

Steven Taylor says there is lots of uncertainty in A-League 

“I think with all the uncertainty going on with the A-League, a lot of players have seen how good the ISL is and want to experience and a new challenge.”

Steven Taylor says before joining Odisha Fc he spoke to many times to the coach and the officials

“I spoke to Stuart a good few times and hearing his plans for the season and the club was exciting so it was a no brainer after speaking with him that I would be joining Odisha FC. You just have to look at his CV and seeing his experience for myself to learn from will be very good cause you’re never too old to learn.”

Steven Taylor says they have lot’s of Indian players in their squad and they are expecting a good result

“They have a very young and exciting squad with ambitions to have an exciting season. There are a lot of up and coming new Indian talents, so it will be good to see them express themselves this season and for us to do something special.”Steven Taylor concluded.

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