Sandesh Jihngan thinks he hasn’t realize his potential yet and want to win trophies

Sandesh Jihngan thinks he hasn’t realize his potential yet and want to win trophies

Star Indian International defender Sandesh Jhingan, after parting ways with Kerala Blasters he is a free agent now. The 27 years old defender was been sidelined due to an injury in a friendly match against NorthEast United FC.

Sandesh Jighan wants to join any Europian Culb but he didn’t get any chance due to the Covid19 pandemic he may join any Indian side like ATK, Mumbai City FC, or Odisha FC.

In an interaction with IANS Sandesh Jhingan spoke about his life’s ups and downs and so many unspoken truths.

Sandesh Jhingan says he’s growing as a footballer and human being as well

“If I speak only for myself, I have grown as a footballer and human being as well. I came around when I was just 20-years-old. What ISL did was it brought so many big players and we could rub shoulders with them. When I was at (United) Sikkim and Mumbai FC before that, there was not so much stress on fitness. How to conduct yourself throughout the day, not only two hours in the gym and two hours on the ground, is what we learned,” Sandesh told IANS.

Sandesh Jhingan says the national team has improved so much and India get respect as a team wherever they go

“We played against top strikers like (Florent) Malouda, now Coro (Ferran Corominas) and Miku. I am missing out names, but when you play against them you can assess yourself. It gives you confidence too. The national team has improved so much, see the rankings. Also how far we have come. We are now respected as a team wherever we go.”

Sandesh Jhingan thinks Indian people across the country start flowing Indian players 

“Also, 10 years ago if you went anywhere in India, barring 2-3 big names not many were recognized apart from those who followed football ardently. Now, that has changed. People who are not into football also – you go to Gujarat or Rajasthan – they know Anirudh Thapa.”

Sandesh Jhingan thinks ISL is doing great

“This exposure was very much needed. No matter how good the product is, if you don’t show it to people, no-one will care. We had good teams previously also, but it was not shown in the right way, so it never got its due. We are lucky that ISL is doing what it is doing.”

Sandesh Jhingan wants to win trophies at the club level

“I still haven’t realized my potential. I want to win trophies, I haven’t won many and I need to win at the club level. For the nation, the World Cup is the ultimate dream and I will have a regret if I hang up my boots and not take India to a World Cup,” Sandesh Concluded.

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