Sandesh Jhingan : I came to Kolkata to qualify in AFC CL and Win AFC Cup this season

Sandesh Jhingan : I came to Kolkata to qualify in AFC CL and Win AFC Cup this season

Indian Super League (ISL) is underway, ATK Mohun Abagan all set to start their first match on the opening day of this season which will be played at GMC Stadium at Goa on 27th November against Kerala Blasters.

The former captain of Kerala Blasters Sandesh Jhingan has joined ATK Mohun Bagan this time on a record-breaking deal. This season the most dependable defender of India has excited enough to start this season.

In an interaction with Times Of India, Sandesh Jhingan shared his experiences.

Sandesh Jhingan says he came to Kolkata to qualify in AFC CL and Win AFC Cup this season

“I have come to Kolkata to touch two more goals, to qualify for the AFC Champions League next season and to do well in the AFC Cup this season. I really want to do well on the continental stage and all the people here at ATK Mohun Bagan also carry the same philosophy. Thus, I hope to achieve these goals together as a team.”Sandesh Jhingan told TOI.

Sandesh Jhingan says all records are made to broken, and he wants to win against KBFC

“Blasters coach and management will be the best persons to speak on it (smiles). For me it’s more exciting to grab a competitive match experience after so long.

“It is true that Kolkata didn’t have much success against Kerala in the last few years. But records are made to be broken. If you ask me regarding the aim in the first match, I can say, I want to grab full points and want to win the Kerala match like all other matches.”

Sandesh Jhingan says he doesn’t want to look back and he’s well prepared to make a comeback

“I don’t want to look back. I have prepared myself to make a comeback this season. For me, match performance is the best place to prove yourself and I am confident of doing that.”

Sandesh Jhingan says he’s enjoying the opportunity to play in the best club of Kolkata

“On the contrary, I am enjoying the opportunity to play for the best Kolkata club. It’s a fact that the responsibility has increased 100-fold. The countless Mariners have high expectations from me and I am here to take that on my shoulders. Making them happy is not just my goal, it is the sole aim of everyone in our team.”Sandesh Jhingan stated.

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