Rowlin Borges says Eelco Schattori gave him confidence to go up and score

Rowlin Borges says Eelco Schattori gave him confidence to go up and score

Indian International Rowlin Borges met up Indian sports journalist Anat Tyagi in an Instagram live session and shared many of his untold stories.

Rowlin Borges shares his relation with Eelco Schattorie

My relationship with coach Eelco was quite good. But we didn’t talk too much. I think we had only three 1v1 meetings. He gave me some sort of confidence and I performed the way he wanted me to.”

Rowlin Borges says Eelco gave him the confidence to go up and score

I think the credit goes to the coach who gave me that confidence to go up, score, run, and do what I want, just enjoy and give my best. That confidence helped me to get those numbers (2018-19 season goals).”

Rowlin Borges shares his first experience of playing outside Goa 

I was under a lot of pressure because it was the first time I played outside Goa. I was nervous but my teammates, management, and the coaching staff helped me and I had a pretty good season. That season didn’t end like we wanted but as a team, we did pretty well, fought till the end and I think we were knocked out in the last game against Kerala which was a must-win for us.”

Rowlin Borges thinks Anirudh Thapa will be one3 of the best midfielder of India

“My partnership with Thapa has been good. He is very very talented. I think he is one of my favorite players in the ISL. He is a pure talent but also works hard. I wish him all the best. In a few years, he will be one of the best, if not the best. He is one of the best right now too but will grow higher.”


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