Rohan Sharma says local young players are only loyal

Rohan Sharma says local young players are only loyal

Odisha FC’s owner Rohan Sharma wants to increase the number of young local players and wants to set up a new youth system for his team.

Rohan Sharma clears about the club’s long and short term vision in an Instagram live session with India Super League’s official Handel.

Rohan Sharma says the CM of Odisha Naveen Patnaik insists them to come to Odisha to build a sports culture

“We were not interested in moving from Delhi unless there were the right reasons. The Chief Minister (Naveen Patnaik) and my dad had a meeting and they spoke about how they wanted to build on the sports culture in the state,” Rohan Sharma told in an Instagram live with Anant Tyagi.

Rohan Sharma says Odisha sports ministry wants to improve football culture like Kerala and NorthEast

“They were ready to offer a good centralized infrastructure. Much like how Kerala and the North-East states have the footballing culture, Odisha also beams with pride. Their views on improving the culture of the sports were in line with what we wanted.”

Rohan Sharma says he was not happy to move Odisha from Delhi

“I was unhappy after the last year at Delhi. The players were not happy with and other logistics there. But things changed when we moved to Odisha. Off the field this year was a great success for Odisha. We sold a lot of tickets and the fan engagement was amazing.”

Rohan Sharma says he’s happy that club is promoting young players

“I’m happy with how the club has tried to promote young kids. We moved away from the likes of (Florent) Malouda, Marcelinho, and decided to develop young talents. It is part of the club’s vision. Last year we did not have time to set up our academy at the grass-root level. But now, even though it will be hard due to COVID-19, we will move towards something like that. I would love to see some Odia kids come up through our academy.”

Rohan Sharma says their academy is trying to build a young group which can help them in long term

“I’m hoping this is the last time I will have to mass-purchase talents. We now have Thoiba Singh, Isak Vanlalruatfela and Paul Ramfangzauva, Gaurav Bora, Hendry Antonay, and Saurabh Meher. I believe that if they stay for a long time, we can build something.”

Rohan Sharma says young local players are only loyal

“The young Indian players tend to be loyal if you give them a chance. Vinit (Rai), Nandhakumar and Shubham (Sarangi) all had offers elsewhere but they stayed. One of them even got an international offer and still decided to stay. They even fight for each other and have their backs through thick and thin. If you give these players the respect, chances and the time, they will pay you back.”

Rohan Sharma says they do not have many national team players but they are hungry to do so

“We may not have as many players in the national team as other teams do. We don’t spend as much as others. But we are twice as hungry. That is what I tell my players,”Rohan Sharma concluded.

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