Pritam Kotal: Subrata Paul underwent three indoor training seasons in the lockdown 

Pritam Kotal: Subrata Paul underwent three indoor training seasons in the lockdown 

Indian Spiderman Subrata Paul and current National team member Pritam Kotal came from the same place and both are the inspiration to all. Both grew up from same place and many times Pritam just watched him just standing outside the ground at Uttarpara (The local ton where they grew up).

Subrata Paul and Pritam Kotal spoke in alive session with AIFF TV.

Pritam Kotal says he comes to the ground to watch Subrata Paul’s training at his young days 

“We used to come to know one or two days prior when Mistu-da would come to Uttarpara for practice. He was a rockstar then, everyone’s hero. For me, my classes could wait but his training sessions couldn’t,” Pritam Kotal told AIFF TV.

Subrata Paul says he scouted few schoolgoing kids like Pritam, Souvik, and Narayan 

“Pritam (Kotal), Shouvik (Ghosh) and Narayan (Das), clad in their shorts and tees, used to hover around. They were school-going kids then.”

Subrata Paul says he used to practice with young Pritam at their early stage

“They didn’t need to be asked. These kids volunteered to splash water on the pitch. Sometimes, their enthusiasm over flooded the ground but the zeal was pure. Often I used to practice a few minutes with them after the formal training got over.”

Pritam Kotal says they used to nag and tease Subrata Paul to save few shots 

“We used to nag and tease him a lot that we would score past him. Mistu-da was kind enough to allow us a few shots after his training and those shooting practices were pure gold.”

Pritam Kotal says Paul knows him from childhood and he debuts Internationally under his captaincy

“Probably it was my destiny and I’m grateful to the almighty for this. Mistu-da has seen me since my childhood. He knows me more than anyone else and making my International debut under his captaincy is probably the perfect blessing that I could have ever expected.”

Pritam Kotal says Subrata Paul underwent three indoor training seasons in the lockdown 

Bikash (Jairu) was Mistu-da‘s roommate. We saw him sitting outside the room and smiling. Mistu-da was practicing his gripping so he could deliver his best during the ensuing training session. Such is his dedication! Even during the lockdown, he underwent three training sessions a day, that too indoors. His motivation level is something else. If he’s not your role model, then who would be?,” Pritam Kotal concluded.

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