Peter Hartly says Carl McHugh and Owen Coyle convinced him to join Jamshedpur

Peter Hartly says Carl McHugh and Owen Coyle convinced him to join Jamshedpur

Peter Hartly has rolled up his socks and joined Jamshedpur FC. The 32 years old English defender Peter Hartly says ATKMB’s midfielder Carl McHugh and Jamshedpur FC coach Owen Coyle has convinced him to jin Jamshedpur FC.


Former Motherwell and Sunderland defender Peter Hartly caught up by Goal and shared his joining story of Indian Super League (ISL).

Peter Hartly says he has been successful in English and Scottish Premier League

“All of my careers, I have played in England and Scotland and I have been successful in both. I finished third in the Scottish Premier League last season with Motherwell. They also offered me a new contract at Motherwell and then obviously due to the global pandemic, the club was hit financially and so was I.

“I wanted a new challenge personally. I got the opportunity to speak to Owen Coyle several weeks later. It was a fantastic conversation. Having spoken to him for 20 minutes on the phone, if he gave me the opportunity and if Jamshedpur gave me the opportunity, I definitely wanted to go there.”Peter Hartly told Goal.

Peter Hartly says he felt ambition in Owen Coyle’s voice

“I felt ambition in the manager’s voice. He told me about the football club and told me about what he is trying to build going forward. I definitely wanted to be a part of the club.”

Peter Hartly says, Carl McHugh convinced me to join Jamshedpur FC

“During my second season with Motherwell, I played alongside Carl McHugh who is now in Kolkata with ATK Mohun Bagan FC. I am very close to Carl, probably the best mates. I spoke to him quite a lot last season over the phone and he absolutely loved it in India. He loved the ISL, the football, and the challenge.

“When you have someone already over here and speaking so highly about the league and when you speak to a manager like Coyle who has a lot of ambition, the decision to come here was very easy.”

Peter Hartly thinks ISL will be a challenge for him

“It will be a challenge but for me, personally the one thing that I take pride is in my fitness. I am making sure that I come over to India fit and as strong as I could possibly be. Any adaptation I need to make with regards to the humidity, with regards to the style of play of the new manager are some of the strings I need to add to my bow. But one thing I need to make sure is I have to be as fit as possible and ready to go for pre-season. Hopefully, I’ll have a positive and successful season.

“Personally it will be a tough mental challenge for me being away from my family. At the end of the day, once I am there the only thing that will be on my mind will be a success. I need to make myself and my teammates grow and if we can do that as a unit. Hopefully, we will attain our final goal which will be the goal of every single team.”Peter Hartly stated.


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