Owen Coyle says they are not a million miles away from the playoffs

Owen Coyle says they are not a million miles away from the playoffs

FC Goa outplayed Chennaiyin FC at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Thursday (26/12/19) by 4-3. In the second half Chennai came back well but couldn’t find the equalizer. Andre Schembri (57′) and Rafael Crivellaro (59′,90+1′) named on the score sheet for the Southern side.

The Chennaiyin FC new graffer Owen Coyle met the press in the post-match press conference and shared his word.

Owen Coyle thinks Fc Goa scored because of their individual mistake

“It was not about balance, as we gifted the first three goals. The mistakes were individual mistakes. FC Goa are a fantastic side, they have some great attacking players.”Owen Coyle spoke in the post-match conference.

Owen Coyle thinks the first three-goals were the Christmas gift to FC Goa  

“We gave them Christmas gifts, first three goals were all gifts. Otherwise, it was a very even game against the best side in the league according to the table. We were denied two clear penalties in the box, the score was once 0-0 and then 0-1, it was a clear trip from behind.”

Owen Coyle thinks some stuff was bizarre

“I won’t sit here and say we did not make mistakes, yes we did and the defeat was self-inflicted. The league is getting better in every aspect, from foreigners to Indian players, but we must get those big decisions right, it is almost in every game. We have suffered in all three games in my tenure. Some of the stuff was really bizarre.”

Owen Coyle says in the second half they were far better than Goa

“What we showed in the second half, the football we played against a very good side. Second half, we were far better than Goa, you can’t give teams a three-goal lead. We go back at 4-3 and then with 10 men, I would have loved another 10 minutes with 11 men. We need to learn and cut out the individual errors and if we do that we are a hard team to beat. There was a lot to be pleased about in that respect.”

Owen Coyle says they missed Eli Sabia and he also turned up against the referee

“Eli is a great defender and we missed him. He brings a lot of calmness and leadership at the back. That being said, on balance, I still feel we do not deserve to lose. There were some bizarre decisions from the referee. Their goalkeeper could have got a red. So, there were moments of frustration.”

Owen Coyle is disappointed after  putting so much effort and didn’t get anything from it 

“It leaves a bad taste in our mouth when you put so much into a game and not get anything from it. But, we will pick ourselves up again and be ready to go again.”

Owen Coyle says they are going to analyze the game and don’t want to repeat the mistakes

“We will look and analyze the game, we have to learn from our mistakes. If you are going to commit those mistakes then you are going to concede a lot of goals. It’s just like unforced errors in tennis.”

Owen Coyle says a win against Goa would have been great though they are not a million miles away from the playoffs.

“We are a team that can be pleasing on the eye. We have scored goals, we have gifted players. But, we need that balance and we know we can score goals, win games. A win tonight would have been great, but we are not a million miles away. We are playing catch-up, but we need to eradicate the mistakes.”

Chennaiyin FC will play their next match against Odisha FC at the Kalinga Stadium on Monday (6/1/20).

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