Nishu Kumar says everyone wants to play for the Yellow Army and put 200% effort

Nishu Kumar says everyone wants to play for the Yellow Army and put 200% effort

On 22nd July Kerala Blasters officially announced the signing of Nishu Kumar. In an interaction with Ishfaq Ahmed in an Instagram live session.

Nishu Kumar thanked KBFC management

“I’m feeling super excited. I am very happy and I thank the club for the wonderful opportunity.

“I started my career at a very early age. When I was 6-years-old, I began playing the game in a small ground near my place in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. I remember that although I was not overly crazy about football, I quite liked it. Football is not very popular in UP – at least not as much as cricket – and that is probably one of the reasons why the state has not produced many good players. However, I got inspired by a few seniors who used to live in the sports hostel nearby. They were quite skilled and looking at them, I decided to join an academy to start making progress in my career.”

Nishu Kumar says signing for the Blasters is one of the easy decisions

“Signing for the Blasters is easily one of the best decisions that I have made so far.

“When the club’s officials approached me for the first time, they spoke to me in great detail about their project and plans for the future. They assured me that they were creating a good team and on my end, I was looking for new challenges myself. The prospect of playing for a new team in a new city is definitely a proper test for every footballer – and when it is KBFC, the challenge only becomes bigger.”

Nishu Kumar says everyone wants to play for the Yellow Army

“Everyone wants to play for the Yellow Army. I remember that when I started playing professionally, I had already made up my mind to play for them one day. I also spoke about it to Karolis Skinkys the new Sporting Director of the club and he was excited as well.”

Nishu Kumar says he wants to put 200% effort

“Needless to say, the ongoing lockdown has been quite tough for all footballers. My case is no different, but I have been trying to make the most out of it by enjoying my mother’s dishes and by training occasionally, so as to keep myself fit. I look forward to the beginning of the new season so that I can play in front of my new club’s fans. Speaking about them, they are a very important part of the team. With good support from them, I may be able to put in 200% effort – and hence, I am very excited to play in front of them,”

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