Narender Ghalot: Sandesh Jhingan has a warrior like attitude & Chettri is an inspiration

Narender Ghalot: Sandesh Jhingan has a warrior like attitude & Chettri is an inspiration

On the eve of 1st national debut anniversary Indian young lad Narender Ghalot is quite excited. One year ago on this day 7th July 2019, he made his debut against Tajikistan in Ahmedabad.

In an interaction with All Indian Football Federation (AIFF) 19 years old, Narender Ghalot shared so many unspoken truths.

Narender Ghalot says his past year was only for learning

“It’s been a year for learning,  I got my National Team debut at 18 wherein I got to share the dressing rooms with so many of my idols. It was a wonderful experience. Looking back it feels great. But there’s no way I can stop there”, Narender Ghalot told AIFF.

Narender Ghalot says wants to remain consistent throughout his career

“Definitely. The onus is on me now to remain consistent in my game and keep working hard to improve. I want to give my best for the country and make our fans’ dreams come true.”

Narender Ghalot says he started rectifying his mistakes

“The biggest learning has been that everyone makes mistakes. But it is critical not to repeat them. As a defender I know which areas I need to improve on and the seniors guide us a lot in that respect as well.”

Narender Ghalot says All the Blue Tigers are extremely disciplined in all aspect 

“They are extremely focused and disciplined in all aspects, which makes them a great example to follow. When it’s time to have fun, we have fun as well but when it comes down to business, they are really serious.”

Narender Ghalot says has a warrior-like attitude

“For example, Sandesh (Jhingan) paji plays with a warrior-like attitude during matches and is very aggressive. In training, he gives his 100% at all times and is physically very strong, which is something I try to emulate. He also shares his experiences with us from time-to-time, from which we learn.”

Narender Ghalot says Sunil Chettri is an inspiration for him

“Sunil (Chhetri) bhai is such an inspiration for all of us and gives us all invaluable advice. He told me to be aggressive when I am without the ball. When I have the ball, I have to be extremely calm and avoid miss passes. And when I am passing to the midfield or to my wing-backs, the weight of the pass has to be precise and the direction has to be perfect as well. Otherwise, the pressure will come back on the central defenders.

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