Mr. Subrata Dutta may become the next president of AIFF

Mr. Subrata Dutta may become the next president of AIFF

The governing body of Indian football All Indian Football Federation (AIFF) is keen to recruit their new president. The first president Priyaranjan Dasmunsi retired from the president post in 2008 due to health issues, since then Praful Patel is in charge.

Under Praful Patel’s era, Indian football has developed in so many areas like Grassroot Development, FIFA rankings, and Academy. Also under his era, India started their best league Indian Super League, which become 3rd world’s most viewed league in 2014. India also sets so many records on TV viewership under present president’s era.

Federation Rules:

# In the last 12 years to fight for the post of president, four years must be a member of the AIFF’s working committee.
# For four years to be the secretary or president of a state agency.
# At the same time, the nominations for the post of the president can be submitted only if the five state bodies are proposed.


Praful Patel serving this post from the last 12 season and according to the rules, this year will be his last term. Now the obvious question arises who will become the nest president?

Vice-President of the Indian Football Federation Mr. Subrata Dutta will take over that position if everything goes right.

According to one AIFF source, the election may take place in between December 20 and March 21. And still, there is no legal competition till now so we can see Mr. Subrata Dutta may feature as the new AIFF President.

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