Mbappe is flattered that Messi took him into consideration

Mbappe is flattered that Messi took him into consideration

Killian Mbappe says Barcelona legend Lionel Messi is impressed by his gameplay and taking him into consideration. The 21 years old French international is flattered to see he’s been rated highly by the Argentine superstar.

Previously Barcelona targeted Mbappe after failed to re-sign Neymar according to Catalan Press. There is a tough tussle between Mbappe and Messi for the Golden Shoe. Messi is still on the top poison with 36 goals in La-Liga nad Mbappe with 33 in Ligue 1.

The young star is always pushing the Argentine star for the limit. Although Mbappe also mentioned if he scores twice in a week Messi will score three.

Killian Mbappe says he was trying to outdo himself

“Instead of just putting my head under the covers and waiting calmly for the end of the season, I was trying to outdo myself,” Mbappe told France Football.

Killian Mbappe says he’s flattered that Messi took him into consideration

“I saw that I could maybe win the top goalscorer in Europe award. But, facing off against me, was Messi.

“I would score twice on a weekend, he would go and score three. I would score three, he would score four! It was so crazy that I spoke with Ousmane about it.

“‘This is crazy! Is he doing this on purpose?’ He responded to me: ‘Of course, he is looking at you!’.

“I said to myself: ‘Ah, not bad, Messi is watching me…’ It is flattering to see that such a player is not overlooking you.”

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