Manuel Marquez:They have a very well-balanced team with quality Indian & foreign players

Manuel Marquez:They have a very well-balanced team  with quality Indian & foreign players

The Hyderabad FC coach Manuel Marquez is excited about the upcoming Indian Super League (ISL) 2020-21. Manuel Marquez has a very strong team which was set by the FC Barcelona fitness coach Albert Roca. Roca joined the team on 2020 January but he joined Fc Barcelona this month.

In interaction with Goal media, Manuel Marquez shares his upcoming plan.

Manuel Marquez says Football is growing constantly in India

“Football in India is growing constantly. There are a lot of Spanish people working in several clubs, and we always discuss it. Hyderabad is a wonderful club. They want to grow and improve, and these kinds of projects are a great challenge for a coach. I feel lucky to be the head coach of Hyderabad FC this season.”Manuel Marquez told Goal.

Manuel Marquez says they have a very well-balanced team and more quality Indian and foreign players

“We have a well-balanced team, with all kinds of players and some of them can play in different positions. This is important if you want to play in different ways even in the same game.

“There is more quality in Indian and foreign players compared to the last season. It is obvious because we have signed better Indian players along with some important local young players and the same with foreign players.”

Manuel Marquez says he’s very professional and his responsibility to win the league

“But I don’t like to distinguish between Indians and foreigners. One of the most important things in a team is to have a great group. I have watched Hyderabad FC’s games last season. Of course, I’m a professional and it is my responsibility to do it. The team improved when Albert (Roca) and Xavi Gurri arrived so I have respect for the previous work of course.”

Manuel Marquez says his main goal is to maintain a great shape

“When you arrive at a new club you always wish for better things. I have to be prudent but we don’t renounce anything. The main goal is to arrive in the best shape to the first match of the Championship but we have to also try to improve in every training session.

“It’s a short competition and in every game, I want to have a competitive team. I’m totally sure that all Hyderabad FC fans will be proud of their players at the end of the League and that’s our target.”Manuel Marquez stated.

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