Lucian Goian says Owen Coyle had the guts to take over CFC

Lucian Goian says Owen Coyle had the guts to take over CFC

Chennaiyin FC star Lucian Goian interacts with Indian sports journalist Anant Tyagi on Indian Super League (ISL) Instagram page. In that interview, Goian shared his opinion liked his life journey, deference between ISL and Romanian League, experience in ISL, team bonding many more.

Lucian Goian says the difference between ISL and Romanian League

“First of all, the difference between the ISL and the Romanian league is that the ISL is better organized in terms of marketing, publicity, and facilities. In Romania, now teams have started to have good facilities. The attendance for games is much better in India because in Romania, except for three or four teams, not all the other teams have too many fans. Many teams are move from city-to-city to have fans.”

Lucian Goian on ISL 2016 season

“That was a really amazing season. It was my first season in India. The impact was great, but we also had amazing players with good qualities and we were a very good group. Outside the pitch, I remember it was a very difficult season, the season was short, every 2-3 days we were playing and we didn’t have too much time. The results were really good, I think we were unlucky in the semi-final against ATK and if we had qualified for the final, we could have been champions.”

Lucian Goian on Amrinder Singh

“He (Amrinder Singh) is an amazing player, I think he is the best goalkeeper in India. I think Amrinder is a good player and a good character. He was a very good player for the group, as he was very involved in keeping the group together and keeping a good atmosphere.”

Lucian Goian on their Semifinal sealing match against Mumbai City Fc

“For me, I was very happy that I had my dream moment, I was happy for my goal, I was not dreaming to score a late goal, the goal that will help us qualify. I was feeling bad for Mumbai, but I was feeling a little bit like.. uhh…like a little revenge. To tell you honestly, this is the first time I say this, but I was really disappointed that Mumbai did not extend my contract because I think I deserved that and they still needed me because I was there for three years at the club, we did a fantastic job together and we started to build a good group.”

Lucian Goian on Own Coyle

“We started bad, we were not scoring and there was pressure on the people up front. We were conceding goals and that was killing me because I am not used to conceding so many goals. We were not defending well to tell you honestly, I wasn’t happy with myself because it was tough, but later the club decided to change, to bring Owen Coyle to the team.

“He had some guts to take over the team in the situation we had. From the first moment he joined the team, he trusted us and was talking about champions. I am not lying, we were last on the table, but he was talking every day in training, ‘Come on guys, we have to train better, we have to train more to become champions’ and we were looking at each other like ‘this guy is talking about champions, we are last on the table.”


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