Lionel Messi wanted to leave Barcelona in 2014 & didn’t want to come back

Lionel Messi wanted to leave Barcelona in 2014 & didn’t want to come back

Argentine and Barcelona Legend Lionel Messi revealed he would leave Camp Nou in 2014 over tax fraud issue.

The Five-time Ballon d’Or and FIFA The best 2019 award winner 32 years old Lionel Messi told he almost leaves his club Barcelona back in 2014 over tax fraud case. He was been alleged for concealing earing of the image in Uruguay, Belize. In Spain, he defrauded of €4.1 in between 2007 to 2009.

He founded guilty and sentenced to prison for 21 months, his father Jorge was eventually sentenced to prison for 15 months for the same reason.

Messi now told when the allegation was made he wanted to leave Barcelona, but he didn’t get a concrete offer.

I had in my mind to leave at that time, not to leave Barcelona but to leave Spain”. He told RAC1

I felt that I was been mistreated and did not want to be here anymore.

” I had the door opened by many clubs but I never had an official because everyone knew of my previous desire to continue in Barcelona. The feeling I had went beyond what I felt for this club.

“There was a time when I ended up tried by a lot of circumstances, it has happened several times, especially in 2013 and 2014, with the problems with the treasury and everything that came out. It was difficult for me and my family, many people did not know what I was going through and I heard a sector of the press helped to make this happen.” Messi told RAC1

Meanwhile, he stayed because he loves his club, and his dream is to end his career with this club.

Obviously I’ll stay if you love me. I’m delighted and my idea to stay here nothing has changed that at all. It’s increasingly clear that I will end my career here. It is my idea and that of my family, first for how I am and what I feel for the club and the city.

“I would not like to change of the friendship of the children or the social circle, I would not like this to break. I had live with it and I do not want it to happen to them.”

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