Kushal Das: East Bengal can play in ISL but they need Professional Management

Kushal Das: East Bengal can play in ISL but they need Professional Management

The Secretary of All Indian Football Federation (AIFF) Kushal Das urged and requested East Bengal to take care of their investors. East Bengal turns 100 years on Sunday (1/8/20), despite a good start they have lots of difficulties like Investors, chances of playing in the Indian Super League (ISL) and many more.


Kushal Das interacted with Sportstar in a live chat and shared so many future steps.

Kushal Das congratulate East Bengal on achieving 100 years milestone 

“I think it is a great achievement. I must congratulate the club. They are an integral part of Indian football. I hope they can continue with the history and legacy and I am sure they will go places from here,” Kushal Das told Sportstar.

Kushal Das on East Bengal’s playing possibility of ISL

“I want to say nothing is impossible.”

Kushal Das says East Bengal need  professional management

“What steps East Bengal should take – I think it is very important that you have to change with time, you have to get professional people. You have to have different departments. You need to have a sponsor servicing department. The fact that Quess and East Bengal had to part ways was not a good thing.”

Kushal Das says they are following the road map of AFC

“There was roadmap which was agreed by all the stakeholders. This roadmap is approved by the AFC and we are simply following that roadmap. If we don’t follow the roadmap, AFC will question us,” Kushal Das concluded.

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