Josep Gombau says now Indian youth have lack of simple concept and basics

Josep Gombau says now Indian youth have lack of simple concept and basics

Last year several coaches of Indian Super League (ISL) had voiced up against the sub-standard referring of ISL. ATK coach Antonio Lopez Habas, BFC manager Carles Cuadrat, former Mumbai Coach George Costa, and current Mumbai coach Sergio Lobera respectively voiced up against this schoolboy referring and now again another coach of ISL Josep Gombau shared the same in interaction with Goal.Com.

Josep Gombau thinks the way ISL is conducting is really well

“ISL is very well conducted. The stadiums and travel are well organized. Nothing to complain about. But there should be more number of matches. Minimum 26-27 games and then the playoffs. It will make the league much better. The competition in the ISL was very good and cut-throat. Every single team can beat the other team on a given day. ”  Josep Gombau told

Josep Gombau says the ISL referring standard is very poor  

“Also, the refereeing standard is poor. But I don’t want to blame the referees because they are not professionals. You need to bring them the tools to help them grow. They are working somewhere else and on weekends or off days, they are working as a referee. They should be focussed on one job. They need to train every day under foreign referees to improve. So I don’t find fault with the referees. They should be helped.”

Josep Gombau thinks in India the young players do not have enough games

“The youth structure is very robust over there (Australia). There a lot of games for the kids along with great academies. India is starting to walk the same path now.  They (Australia) have a plan and a lot of investment in infrastructure with longer leagues in place. The kids must not only train well but they must also have more competitive matches for their all-round development. In India, the don’t play enough matches. There is a lot of room to improve in these aspects. Qatar have been working hard with their young players since 2008. They reaped rewards in 2019 by winning the AFC Asian Cup.

Australia is also ahead in terms of facilities. The A-League is more matured. The quality of the pitches is also very different. The training pitches in India are not up to the mark. I was training in a first division club and the pitch was not good. When I played away games, the day before the match it was difficult to get good training pitches. So I can imagine the condition of the pitch where the juniors train. These are the basics.”

Josep Gombau thinks India will catch up the world football within 10 years, now they have a lack of simple concept and basics

“I am sure India will definitely catch up, it needs time. The next 10 years will be vital for India. There are good academies that are being established in the country. So now India will have players will with more knowledge and ideas. Currently, they lack simple concepts and basics. But with these academies, hopefully, things will improve.”

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