Igor Stimac told Indian coaches to change their mind sets

Igor Stimac told Indian coaches to change their mind sets

Indian National team graffer Igor Stimac is optimistic about Indian Football and it’s development. Stimac also advised Indian coaches to enhance their mindsets.

In an interaction at International Virtual Coaching Conference Igor Stimac shared so many possibilities of Indian football.

Igor Stimac says Indian coaches need to enhance their mindsets

“As a coach, you need to enhance your knowledge so you can help your players become more knowledgeable. Utilize every second of your free time, read more, learn more about strength and conditioning. We need to develop our mindset,” Igor Stimac told in a virtual Coaching Conference.

Igor Stimac says Indian football needs to take care of young players

“You need to take care of young talented players and create a great positive atmosphere within your dressing room. Unless you have proper knowledge, your players will not follow you.”

Igor Stimac says their are trying at their best to asses young players

“Our strength and conditioning coach Luka Radman has put it a great effort to assess our players. We have tested every single player individually. Muscle strength is immensely important in sports globally. We need to increase usage of protein in our diet which will help you to lower the fatigue level and increase the work rate on the pitch.”

Igor Stimac says weingers need to take more responsibility

“Success in 1v1 positions helps you gain greater results. Wingers need to take responsibility and show greater character on the pitch. We expect them to make good dribbling, better crossing, and shooting.”

Igor Stimac says number of passes and duration of play will go up gradually

“We are really proud of the players how they have executed their job so far. They have been doing the right job. There has been an overall improvement.

“Number of passes as well as the duration of playing with the ball has gone up significantly. We are constantly working on improving the numbers and raising the bar.”

Igor Stimac says their prime focus is to qualify for the FIFA World Cup

“Everyone involved with Indian Football is working hard to make it count. Our short-term goal is to qualify for the next AFC Asian Cup which will grow our confidence and then advance further. Our long-term goal is obviously to qualify for the FIFA World Cup.”

Igor Stimac says Baby league and other grassroot programs will brighten the future of Indian football

“With Golden Baby Leagues, grassroots, and all other programs going in full swing, we can be sure that our future is going to be brighter.”Igor Stimac stated.

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