“I made it (letling go Lukaku) Happily” – Solskjaer

“I made it (letling go Lukaku) Happily” – Solskjaer

The Red Devils are undergoing a bad patch, now United coach Ole Gunnar  Solskajer makes another controversy by saying he has no regrets over Lukaku’s leave.

Lukaku leaves manchester in summer and joined Inter Milan, he made his debut with a goal and playing wonderfully there.

Solskajer said Loukaku didn’t want to stay at the club he wanted to leave, the reason why he is happy that Lukalu left them.

I can say, but that was the decision that I made and I made it happily.” He told Sky Sports.

” When you have players, great potential, bur Romelu’s head was not here for us working forward as a group.

“I don’t want to speak too much about other players. I have got lots of respects for Romelu but his time was up here. 

” We are very happy with the recruitment we did. Towards the end the right we just didn’t get him over the line.

” You would rather bite the bullet and wait because you don’t want to spend big amounts of money on something that you are not sure of.” He stated.

United are yet to taste an away victory, the coach believes in their next match against New Castle, this dream will be fulfilled and it also brings more positivity.

Of Course, You didn’t enjoy no winning games.” He said.

” you put your heart, life and soul into this job. If you win games you are happier, your mood changes but it doesn’t mean your performance have better results change the mood.

” For us to get a result is vital. I think it will change the mood.

“The boys can go on their International break and freshen up their heads. ”




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