Hydrabad Fc: Subrata Paul says if Buffon can play at this age he also can play

Hydrabad Fc: Subrata Paul says if Buffon can play at this age he also can play

The Indian Spiderman who is now 33 years old and serving his nation for the last 18 years and served the Indian National team for 12 years. At this age, Subrata Paul still playing on the top division whereas so many players hang up their boots, but our Mistu Da is unstoppable.

In an interaction with Khel Now Subrata Paul shared his future plan.

Subrata Paul says the Spiderman title is not only for him it goes for the whole Indian team  

“I think the title of ‘Spiderman’ is not only for me. It is a proud moment for me, but it is because of the efforts of the whole team. We showed the character to fight in every match. In the 2011 Asian Cup our group was very tough, the group of death with Australia, South Korea, and Bahrain. We played the three matches and the international media called me as ‘Spiderman’,” Subrata Paul told Khel Now.

Subrata Paul says over the time Indian Goalkeepers are becoming good with their feet

“When I started football in the late 90s, at that time goalkeepers were only shot-stoppers and now also we are doing the same thing that is to save the ball. The only difference now is that goalkeepers are very good with their feet. There were a lot of legendary Indian goalkeepers from the past, starting from Peter Thangaraj to Bhaskar Ganguly, but the game has changed since then. The backpass rule meant that goalkeepers had to be good with their feet.”

Subrata Paul says when he joined Mohun Bagan he had only few people around him

“I joined Mohun Bagan very early in my career and then that incident happened. That time was the most difficult for me and I had only my family and a few well-wishers around me who supported me. But, in bad times I have seen people change. Normally, they are very loving, but at that point, they started doubting me.”

Subrata Paul says his life taught him some lesson which no school taught him

“I went into depression. I did not know what to do. I could not train, I could not go out of my house as people were treating me as guilty. I was suspended for more than three months. But, I started following Swami Vivekananda, read a lot of his books, and slowly I recovered.

“My football and my life have taught me lessons that no university or school can teach you. During my bad times, I came to know my best friends. I don’t have any enemies, I don’t hold grudges against anyone.”

Subrata Paul says if Buffon can play at this age he also can play

“I have served my country for the last 12 years. I feel I have a lot to give the country. If  Buffon can play at that age, I can. I have time and I have belief in myself that I can play. That is my motivation so far and the day I feel that I have nothing more to give to Indian football, that day I will pack my bags and retire,” Subrata Paul concluded.


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