Hero NFC lay strong foundation stone for Women Football- Bembem Devi

Hero NFC lay strong foundation stone for Women Football- Bembem Devi

Indian Women football star Bembem Devi thinks domestic football lays a strong “foundation stone” for the Women football.

Tournament such as the Hero NFC lay the foundation stone for a strong Women’s national team.

“All the players in the national team have come through ranks from Sub-junior, junior and senior national Championships. It always helps them gain experience and hone their skills which eventually, prove to be handy while representing India in the International stages.

“Even some young girls rubbed shoulders with senior players in IWL which is equally advantageous for the players in the long run.” Bembem Devi stated the media.

Bembem Devi thinks the domestic level football is the main factor for scouting players and which is developing the level of Woman football. The average age of the senior-level women football also gone down which undoubtedly developing the Indian Women football.

During my initial days, there were a few girls who were 19 or less. With time, more young stars have started to get selected for the National Team. As a result, the average age has gone down which is a major positive side of the National Championship. It couldn’t have been possible without the domestic tournament structure.

“I remember Bala (Devi), Prameshwori (Devi), Pyari (Xaxa) and a few other girls came into the National team set-up quite early. I still remember they were very shy and I personally, tried to break the ice so that they can play freely. Now, they have taken up the mantle.” Bembem Devi said with a smile.

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