” He (Bernardo Silva) is not racist”-Bakayoko

” He (Bernardo Silva) is not racist”-Bakayoko

Tiemoue Bakayoko defends his former Monaco team-mate, Bernando Silva over his tweet on Benjamin Mendy. 

What is the Issue?

The Portuguese Midfielder Bernando Silva tweeted an image last month of a young Mendy alongside a cartoon character. Where all the controversy started, everyone pretended Bernando Silva shared it for racism.

On 2nd October Manchester City’s Bernando Silva has been charged by the Football Association for his misconduct over a tweet on his teammate Benjamin Mendy.

The 25th-year-old Portuguese midfielder is alleged to an ” aggravated breach” of FA rules as it includes the reference “expressed or implied to race/ or colour and/or ethnic origin.”

Tiemoue Bakayoko has been surprised by the Twitter controversy over his former Monaco team-mates Benjamin Mendy and Bernando Silva and he also defends Barnado Silva.

I’m quite surprised and shocked that it went so far.

” We all know that Bernando and Ben are very close.

” I’ve been on their team, I saw them every day during three years, I know their relationship. I think it’s a shame to punish them for this.

” I almost don’t want to answer, because we all know how Bernando is. He is sweet, he is very kind, he has a big heart. so no, clearly, he is not  racist.”  Tiemoue Bakayoko told Omnisport.

Tiemoue Bakayoko also remembers the joke between Benjamin Mendy and Bernando Silva during the Monaco days.

” They were picking (on) each other, it was fair game.’ He stated.

They like to joke about each other, they really like each other.

” That is what matters, now we are talking about racism between them, I can’t believe it.

“But I realise that is getting bigger, I hope it won’t go as far as a suspension for a few games.” Tiemoue Bakayoko told Omnisport.

Meanwhile, City boss  Pep Guardiola and winger Raheem Sterling also defended  Bernando Silva.



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