Gurpreet Singh Sandhu thinks it’s normal to not win a trophy every single time

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu thinks it’s normal to not win a trophy every single time

During this Corona Virus outbreak, several families are separated from their loved ones. Our “Great Wall Of India” Gurpreet Singh Sandhu (GSS) also part of this heartbreak, GSS is almost a month away from his family. Since the Indian Super League ended he moved to Sidney, Australia for personal reasons and he stuck in there ever since the LockDown start.

His parents are a high ranked Police officer, his mother DSP Harjit Kaur and Father SP Tejinder Singh Sandhu can’t stay at home to maintain the law and order in the city Chandigarh. In an interaction with INAS from Sidney Australia and shows his concern about his family.

GSS on rising cases of Corona In India

Things in Chandigarh are fine. Mum and dad are police officers so they have to go to their jobs. So, they need to do that. They are safe. I speak to them almost every day. But, the number of cases is rising in India which is a concern.” GSS told INAS

GSS thinks lockdown happened in India on the right time

I am glad that lockdown happened at the right time, especially in a country like India where we have so many people. I am really proud of the citizens who have understood the point and have stayed home.”

GSS is staying indoors and has no plans till now

We are safe staying indoors, following government(Australia Government) guidelines. I have no idea what is the timeline of my stay because of the restrictions on travel and stuff. To jab update ayega (when an update will come), I will have a plan in hand.”

GSS says in Australia Corona looks in Control

Here things are looking under control. The percentage of the virus has gone down significantly. Winter is coming. The weather is good here.”

GSS doing all his housework and doing his exercise without any equipment 

I try to do all the housework and keep fit by doing some non-equipment exercises. There is a ground also nearby, so I try to go there every now and then and train. But, it’s not the same without the team.”

GSS says it’s normal to not win a trophy every single time

The season as a team, I was proud of the boys the way they played. It’s very normal to not win a trophy every single time. We need to get stronger from that and learn.”

GSS on wining his golden gloves

Winning the Golden Glove would not have been possible without my teammates because it’s a team sport and a clean sheet is a collective effort.”

GSS his passing time in Online learning

Today itself, I started to do some online courses to pass some time. You can educate yourself, internet is there, you can learn a lot of things.” GSS concluded.


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