Eleco Schattorie:In India there are not many center backs and Chhetri need a support

Eleco Schattorie:In India there are not many center backs and Chhetri need a support

Former Kerala Blasters coach Eelco Schattorie thinks Michel Soosairaj can replace Sunil Chettri in the national team. Soosairaj is a good goal-getter and his ability, pace and accuracy are just mind-blowing.

In a candid interview with Khel Now Eleco Schattorie shares his future plan and Sunil Chhetri’s replacement.

Eleco Schattorie says to get result Coaches must get his time

“If the national team wants to succeed to reach the World Cup, then you have to be realistic about how are we going to reach that goal? To have that goal is good. If I look at the years of the national team getting their results, they also had many coaches. And somehow they got kicked out because the results were not good enough.” Eleco told Khel Now.

Eleco Schattorie says Indian football needs a perfect system

“So, I think you really need to find out a system that is suitable for India and where you can get a result. I will most of the time play with five defenders, three midfielders and two strikers.”

Eleco Schattorie says In India there are not many center- backs

“You don’t have many good defenders in India. There are not many center-backs. So you need to compensate there. I would choose to play three in the back and two on the wing who can go up and down because you have a lot of wingers in India and they have all the endurance.”

Eleco Schattorie says Sunil Chettri need a supporting striker

“Upfront, you only have Sunil Chettri, who scores goals. But he cannot do that alone. So I will choose an extra striker besides him, and midfielders you have a lot in India. Within that system, you can still play attacking football.”

Eleco Schattorie says Stimac plays a good possession-based football

“I think the development of technical play, looks like  FC Goa, Odisha Fc  there are enough teams in the league that play possession-based football. So, I don’t see that as a problem. It doesn’t matter which system you play. I played almost all systems in my career and in each system you can play attacking or more ball-possession based football. I think Stimac is good for that, as in what he wants. But, I will not do that in a formation that they do it now.”



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