East Bengal and Calcutta Custom match will play on 3rd October

East Bengal and Calcutta Custom match will play on 3rd October

An air of Uncertainty hangs over the Calcutta Football League’s decider game between East Bengal and Calcutta Customs. East Bengal Club is sealed to host the match, which was scheduled to kick-off at 2.30 pm on 27th September. However which was called off citing unfavourable playing conditions.

Since the match postponed the league was failed to conclude the final day but today IFA announces the and venue of the league decider match.

East Bengal will take on Calcutta Customs at2.30 pm on 3rd October in Kalyani stadium.

Peerless are at the edge of creating history, Peerless defeated George Telegraph 2-0 and regain their top spot in the CFL with 23 points on Sunday at Barasat. As the hold the position they can be crowned Champions if East Bengal ends up with Calcutta Customs a low scoring outing.  East Bengal and Peerless will be on same point 23 but both sides will be separated by the goal difference.

East Bengal also has the chance to win the league but the exposure will be difficult. That is not only a must-win match for them, but they must also have 7 goals lead to win the title.

East Bengal Coach Alejandro also thinks they can clinch the victory.

However, Customs coach Rajeev Dey also confident with his squad and he will play with his dependable trio Adaja, John and Emanuel.





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