Christmas day’s ATK vs BFC match is under deep uncertainty

Christmas day’s ATK vs BFC match is under deep uncertainty

Bidhannagar police have ordered that the match be postponed on December 25 in the Indian Super League at the Saltlake Stadium for security reasons. Bidhannagar Police said in a letter on Monday (2/12/19) that it would not be possible for them to give police to the stadium on Christmas day.

Bidhannagar Police thinks a huge number of the gathering will be possible on Christmas day to celebrate the festival in various parks and places, so Bidhannagar police couldn’t arrange the securities on that festival day. But the irony is Bidhannagar Police gave the permission on September 23rd for the match.

ATK will play against Bengaluru on Christmas day. The match against the Sunil& co in their home which is very important to  ATK. Upon receiving the index, the authorities sent a letter to the police on September 23 demanding that the match be properly organized. The police also gave permission. But the authorities were surprised to find that permission to suddenly cancel the match and hand over the letter. Authorities have sent a letter of objection to the police to the league committee in Mumbai. ATK has sent a letter to the police to help them organize the match, despite the fact that it is not possible to back the game. Organizations including TV broadcasts, stadium rentals have all been arranged for that match. According to sources, the way the ISL has a tight schedule is difficult to suspend the game. In that case, all the doors of the stadium could be closed and the visitors could be matched on the ground. ATK are now undergoing big trouble they lose one of their key players Carl McHugh, he has been ruled out during the Mumbai match due to his ankle injury.

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