Chennayin Fc: Casaba Laszlo says Jerry and Anirudh Thapa is very impressive

Chennayin Fc: Casaba Laszlo says Jerry and Anirudh Thapa is very impressive

Chennaiyin FC’s newly appointed head coach Casaba Laszlo wants to bring the fortune for the two time ISL champion. Casaba Laszlo spoke Khel Now in an interview and shared his future plan about the Chennaiyin FC.

Casaba Laszlo says he’s happy to join CFC

“They were looking for a new head coach. I also got in contact with the Sporting Director and we talked a lot about the club, the team and the targets. It is not something you can decide quickly, you have to study. It’s very important and I am happy and privileged to talk to the club director and the owners. I had the time to study the Indian league and the club and I look forward to coming to India.”Casaba Laszlo told Khel Now.

Casaba Laszlo says he joins CFC because he wants to work for the development of football  

“It will be a new challenge for me. Many people asked me why move to Asia and India particularly, but I follow my heart and figured also in my mind that this will be a fantastic opportunity for me. I coached in many different countries, but the biggest challenge is to face a different and upcoming football culture in India, at one of the most successful clubs in the league’s history.”

Casaba Laszlo says CFC has is one of the most successful in ISL

“The club is one of the most successful in the Indian Super League. This club has grown so much in just six years, in terms of fans and how they are supported. I think it is fantastic and it gives me a feeling that I have chosen something extraordinary.”

Casaba Laszlo says the 70-80% players are still intact so he didn’t have new players

“Another good thing about them is that 75-80% of the team is still intact. I don’t have to see too much into new players. We can strengthen with a few players in areas, maybe four who we have to replace in their positions. We need to get players like the ones who left and we don’t have to replace too many.”

Casaba Laszlo says Indian players have improved a lot 

“The most important thing is that the Indian players form the majority of the team. They have shown they are not just talented, but they have also achieved something. They finished on a high level, so there is improvement. I think this is important to find more talented Indian players even though you have such players in the team. We have to lift the talent and quality in the team and keep pushing them.”

Casaba Laszlo says Jerry and Anirudh Thapa is very impressive

“I think it’s not fair to say a few. We have a lot of talented Indian players, but it’s not a secret if I say that Jerry (Lalrinzuala) and (Anirudh) Thapa are really impressive players. There are many players who have the potential to move on and play better. Generally, these two players have huge potential, but I’m sure we have more like them in the team.” Casaba Laszlo concluded.

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