Bartholomew Ogbeche officially part ways with Kerala Blasters

Bartholomew Ogbeche officially part ways with Kerala Blasters

like every year Kerala Blasters this year too they change their top goalscorer again. today Bartholomew Ogbeche has been officially part ways with KBFC. In the previous ISL season, Ogbeche scores 15 goals and became the top goal scorer along with Valskis and Roy Krishna.

In this year Kibu Vicuna took the charge of KBFC management and sacked so many players and signed his selective players like Fran Gonzalez, Morante, and many more.

But the question arises in this way how far this team can go? if they regularly sack team players like Sandesh Jhingan and Ogbeche and signed sone second division players like Beitia and Fran Gonzalez.

Ogbeche says it’s unbelievable to part ways with Kerala Blasters

“Unbelievable as it seems, I’m leaving this great club, but all I can say is I’ll always remember my time here with lots of pride and joy in my heart. I’d like to thank my teammates, coaches, management, and all the staff. To the fans, words can’t describe how grateful I am, and will always be for your love and steadfast support during the past season. I wish the club lots of success for the future.” Ogbeche told.

Karlois Skinkys says Ogbeche part ways because of Corona Virus Pandemic

“In the brief time that I got to know him, I would like to thank Bart for his commitment and professionalism towards the club. We did share a revised offer, in light of the Coronavirus pandemic, but in the end we both move forward with great mutual respect for each other. I wish him the best for all his future endeavours.” KBFC sporting director Karlois Skinkys told.

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