Baichun Bhutia: East Bengal Should not judge this year’s performance

Baichun Bhutia: East Bengal Should not judge this year’s performance

East Bengal has officially joined Indian Super League, and the East Bengal and Indian football legend Baichung Bhutia shared his possibility of the club.

In an interaction with PTI Butia shares his valuable comment on their future plan.

Baichung Bhutia says there is a great challenge for East Bengal to build a good team

“From the fan’s point of view, everyone was looking at playing the ISL this year. That has been achieved.

“Obviously, there is going to be a challenge in terms of building the team. We should not really judge the team’s performance this year. All good Indian players have got long-term contracts. To build a team is going to take time because no player would be available in the market right now.” Baichung Bhutia told PTI.

Baichung Bhutia says East Bengal need to build a long term team

“Jhingan has just signed for five years. All top-quality players have long-term contracts with their respective clubs. I think East Bengal will have to build long-term. They will have to develop players.”

Baichung Bhutia says Derby is a game of nerves 

“Derby is a different ball game and I think East Bengal should do well. The motivation and passion for a derby is at a different level, whatever may be the tournament. Emotions just soar up.

“Derby is totally a game of nerves. If the best players can’t keep their nerves, they can’t perform. It’s got a lot to do with the nerves and depends on who can take the pressure well on that given day. Anything can happen.” Baichung Bhutia concluded.

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