ATKMB are all set to sign Sandesh Jhingan

ATKMB are all set to sign Sandesh Jhingan

ATKMB is all set to join their star player Sandesh Jhingan. The 27 years old Indian heartthrob Sandesh Jhingan is still a free player. In this year Sandesh Jhingan signed a pre-contract with Kerala Blasters, due to COVID 19 pandemic every team is facing a financial struggle. For that reason, KBFC management wanted to sign Sandesh on a low contract value. Sandesh didn’t aggry with the deal and part ways with the club.

ATKMB was very interested to sign him on their team, they tried for more than three years in a row, every time Sandesh refused them, and now Sandesh is ready to sign ATKMB on a lucrative deal.

Sandesh Jhingan is in final discussions with the club

“Jhingan has not signed yet with ATK Mohun Bagan. But is in final discussions with the club” A source told Goal.

Sandesh Jhingan was roping any European club but due to COVID 19 pandemic, his dream has been washed out.

Sandesh Jhingan says he wanted to play in La-Liga

“Every Asian kid, not only Indians, dream to play in European leagues, especially in La-Liga and EPL. (But) there are certain laws that restrict your movements. There are so many things involved. But yes, if you have the quality, you will make it. Now a lot of kids know that they can make it. A lot of players are coming in from those leagues in India. Going forward we will see a lot of Indians making it to Europe” Sandesh Jhin told AIFF TV.


ATKMB has held up their 90% players and also signed very good signing like Subhasish Bose and Manvir Singh. ALOng with Roy Krishna, Devid Williams, Edu Garcia, and Sandesh Jhingan  ATKMB will be furious and one of the claimants of the ISL trophy.


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