ATK midfielder Michael Regin says Edwin Sydney Vanspaul is like his brother 

ATK midfielder Michael Regin says Edwin Sydney Vanspaul is like his brother 

Indian Super League’s (ISL) defending champion ATK’s defensive midfielder Michael Regin added another feather in his crown by winning ISL title with ATK.

The 32-year-old defensive midfielder won I-League with Chennai City FC in 2018-19 and on the very next year he won ISL.

Michael Regin interacted with and hared so many unspoken truths.

Michael Regin says Soosairaj, Nandha Kumar and Edwin everyone done well in Chennai City FC

“Let it be me, Soosai, Nandha or Edwin, every player who came out of Chennai City have done well. If they were not there, there is no doubt we wouldn’t have reached anywhere. We played with them even before they were in the I-League. We won the CFA Senior Division title with them, “Michael Regin told

Michael Regin says Chennai City Fc getting good results because of the local players

“Rohit Sir called me when I was going for a Santosh Trophy camp (in 2017), he asked me to come and play for the team since they were going to the I-League. He told me he was looking to give chances to a lot of local players and promote them. I was not sure how it was possible but he has done it as he envisioned it.

“A lot of Tamil Nadu players have come out of Chennai City and even now the squad has primarily local talent. They continue to achieve good results. The performance has not gone down. They were a huge part in my life and I cannot forget them and Rohit sir.”

Michael Regin says Edwin Sydney Vanspaul is like his brother 

“Edwin, he’s like my brother. Yeah, there was a tackle on him. If I missed a ball, the coach would’ve killed me. So, I had to go for that ball. It was in the air, he also went for it. I mistimed it and ended up fouling Edwin out. I immediately apologized to him.”

Michael Regin says Chennai local league will lift up so many young players

“Chennai league is a first step for many local players. I played both second, first and then played senior division. It gives a lot of exposure to local players. I used to enjoy playing in that league. Nobody would have known me If I’d not played there. I got a job only because of playing there.

“I don’t understand what is happening, but a lot of players are suffering. Everybody cannot play for Chennai City FC and come up. They cannot give a chance to every player. There needs to be a league in the city. It is such an important part for a Tamil Nadu player,”Michel Regin

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