ARA FC becomes the first team to reach Kolkata for I-League qualifiers

ARA FC becomes the first team to reach Kolkata for I-League qualifiers

ARA FC is the one and only team in the I-League which will play their League qualifiers at Kolkata on 8th October. The team will play in Kolkata and Kalyani, The will be the first outstation team to reach Kolkata for the qualifiers.

ARA FC head coach Vivek Nagul spoke The Sportsatar about their arrival and upcoming plan.

Vivek Nagul says he’s thrilled to be back in Kolkata

“It’s a good feeling to be back. I’m absolutely thrilled to be in Kolkata, a place where football enjoys a lot of popularity.

“The good thing is that we get to re-start footballing action in the country once again.”

Vivek Nagul  says they have lots of time to Acclimatize the condition in Kolkata

“We have not been able to train in Ahmedabad because of the pandemic situation which is why we decided that it would be better to travel to Kolkata well ahead of schedule. Not only will we get a few weeks to prepare, but we would also have enough time to acclimatize to the conditions here.”

Vivek Nagul  says they have strengthened their defense with Camara

“We have strengthened our defense with the signing of Camara. We also signed Eze Stanley upfront and made several other additions in other areas as well.”

Vivek Nagul says they are the first team from Gujrat to play in the I-League

“It is a good opportunity for the players to create history. If we make it to the Hero I-League it will be huge. In that case, we will be the first club from Gujarat to play in the league and that would be special.”

Vivek Nagul  says they want to inspire many players from Gujrat

“What makes it even better is that this is an academy that has turned into a club. And in Gujarat where football is not as popular as some of the other states. We can inspire many youngsters to turn to football and make a valuable contribution to the sport from this part of the country.”Vivek Nagul concluded.

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