Antonio Iriondo says they had everything to win the match except Sergio Castel

Antonio Iriondo says they had everything to win the match except Sergio Castel

After being outplayed by Mumbai City FC, Jamshedpur FC coach Antonio Iriondo met the press in the post-match conference.

Both sides were faced with each other at the JRD Tata Sports Complex on Thursday (19/12/19).

Antonio Iriondo thinks they had more chances but Mumbai players were more skillful than them.

“We had a great match and a lot of chances. We had 70% of possession. But, we couldn’t score goals. On the other hand, they scored two goals in three shots. That speaks a lot about the quality of their players,” Antonio Iriondo spoke in the post-match conference.

Antonio Iriondo thinks they hand everything in hand to win the match only the missed Sergio Castel

“The next step is to keep working the same way. We had everything in our hand to win. Once again we have missed Sergio Castel due to injury. If you take a look at the stats you will see we have had fewer fouls than Mumbai and have had more bookings than them.”

Antonio Iriondo turns up against the referee

“It is really very difficult to understand. Even with Piti’s injury, it was not something he did to himself, it was a foul. But, the referee did not say anything, so they can keep doing that.”

Antonio Iriondo says Mumbai players were hitting Piti until he injured 

“The law is for everyone in the sport. The same thing happened with Sergio Castel – they were hitting him until he got injured. I never say my players to injure other players, as I look to work on our improvement and on our game and be successful in what we are trying to do. Just because I love football.”

Antonio Iriondo on Aniket Jadav and Mobashir Rahman

“I think both of them will get a lot of minutes. They are a part of the squad and we trust them. With Aniket, as I have said in the last press conference, he needs to improve in his consistency. He is not consistent enough. He can have a great impact on a game for some time and then go for a long time without doing much in the game. He needs to improve.

“Coming to Mobashir, its a similar situation with him as well. We have great confidence in them. They have to keep learning. But, with foreign players injured, they might get some minutes.”

Antonio Iriondo wants to bring as many as possible from away game 

“Players who are injured, does not matter if we are playing away or at home, so that’s not a point. We will try to bring in as many points as possible from the away games, as we are struggling with a lot of injuries. I am happy with my team and I would like to appreciate the players. I think we are lacking to score goals. Maybe, the next match we will improve.”

Antonio Iriondo thinks their team is one of the young team in the ISL

“Our team is one of the youngest teams in the league, with many Indian talents on the field. Although, our foreign players are injured, we are very happy with the progress of our Indian players,” Antonio Iriondo concluded.

Jamshedpur FC will play their next game against Odisha Fc at the Kalinga Stadium on Friday (27/12/19).



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