Amrinder Singh says he and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu has a great relationship

Amrinder Singh says he and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu has a great relationship

The Indian international goalkeeper Amrinder Singh made an appearance with Anat Tiyagi on Indian Super League’s Instagram page. There he shared his opinion regarding his life, training, playing style, and bonding with teammates.

Amrinder Singh says he never played for the junior team but he directly called up to the senior team

“After two years, I got a call-up to the national team and I hadn’t played for any of the junior national teams. This was the first time I received a call (for the national team). Wim sir (Wim Koevermans) had called me. Initially, I thought someone was joking with me. When he was talking to me, he told me that the next camp is in Goa, my name is on the list, and that I need to come.

“But, I was very shocked because I had never played for the junior team and here I was getting a chance to straightaway play for the senior team.”

Amrinder Singh thinks Mumbai Fc’s 2016 team was very good

“When I joined them, in the first few days, I mixed up quite well with my teammates. Goian [Lucian Goian] was in defense, Diego Forlan was there and there were other really good players. To mix up so quickly with everyone was not a normal thing, but they helped me so much. I bonded well with Goian. When I started, I kept five clean-sheets in six games. That season was very good for me.”

Amrinder Singh says he has a great understanding with Lucian Goian

“We were always close. We both used to like to plan in advance on what we would do in certain situations and I believe all the players – right-back, left-back, central defenders, and the goalkeeper should share a good bond. We should know how to react based on eye-contact.”

Amrinder Singh says he and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu has a great relationship

“In the dressing room, we push each other and try to give each other the confidence to be free and play our games without pressure. I think that both of us have a good relationship and that is why we are both improving. Even during the ISL season, we stay in touch, try to work on the smaller details, and not run away from problems, but rather try to fix them. This is the reason why we both are improving each other.”

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