Adil khan says his doctor told him not to play he might have a stroke

Adil khan says his doctor told him not to play he might have a stroke

31 years old Indian International Adil Khan’s career had so many ups and downs. His career was almost finished after consecutive injuries in his early career stage, but he never gave up on his dream and now he’s one of the most dependable defenders of the Indian football team.

Adil Khan shared his many hidden treasures like his ups and downs, struggle, and many more in an Instagram live session with The Football Dugout.

Adil Khan says his doctor told him not to play football and he might get a stroke 

I had an issue of hemoglobin for some time. I struggled for a month or two while at the academy. We had a U-17 national team camp, a coach was to come to the academy to select players and I was unlucky. Doctors told me not to play, said I might get a stroke. So I missed that camp due to that.

Then I started building muscles and got to know what exactly bodyweight training is. I used to feel like throwing up when trying to take food and that is when the doctors found out.”

Adil Khan says he had consecutive injuries at his early stage

I struggled to come back after the ligament injury (in my fourth season at the Sesa academy). I signed for Sporting in the I-League but my rehab after surgery was not great. There was a growth inside my knee that was troubling me so I went for another surgery. That growth had damaged my meniscus. After a proper rehab, I played in the I-League in 2010 for Sporting and then got called up to the national team. That was my first comeback.

It was difficult for me to leave football because it is my passion. I continued, scored goals, got a national team calls up, and picked up injuries again. I didn’t know how to maintain, I was young at that time. Then I realized it doesn’t work like that. You train, and you take rest, your body needs it.”

Adil Khan says everyone gave up on him

I struggled with injuries. Coaches, owners gave up on me. It was difficult for me to manage all things being a young player. I didn’t have enough experience but it got better. Whatever happened, happened for a reason and I made a comeback. No regrets.”

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