The I-League winning Kibu Vicuna joins Kerala Blasters back in May. After taking up the responsibility he rebuilds the Squad and signed so many players and retained a few of them.

In an interaction with ISL media, Kibu Vicuna shared so many things.

Kibu Vicuna says Club official has a very clear vision about the club

“The KBFC management shared a very clear vision with me, that the entire team, right from the top is invested to achieve. From the very start, I felt comfortable interacting with everyone at the club.

“Hence, the decision to join KBFC was quite an easy one. Moreover, I’m extremely delighted to have chosen a club that holds fans at the heart of all decision-making and is very inclusive of their voices.” Kibu Vicuna told the ISL media.

Kibu Vicuna says his plan is to to build a proactive and offensive team

“My plan for the next season is to build a proactive and offensive team that plays from the goalkeeper and pressures the opponent to recover the ball as soon as possible. In-short, a team that gives their 100% in every game to achieve the objectives of the club.”

Kibu Vicuna says he wants to showcase their excellence

“Reaching the playoffs is a very difficult task for any team.Last year, Kerala Blasters had higher possession in most of the games and created a lot of chances as well. However, on-field performance is a result of multiple factors, which I may not be able to comment on, since I wasn’t a part of the club. However, our goal for the upcoming season is to showcase our excellence, aim for the top and come close to achieving the desired results.”

Kibu Vicuna says Sandesh Jhingan’s departure was a disappointment to the club 

“Jhingan’s departure was a disappointment to the club, however, these are very common situations in football. It is pointless to force and change the natural way of life, but is equally important to handle the situation. As a team, we are focused on quality and are trying our best to recruit the right mix of young and experienced players, who can help the club achieve their objectives.”

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