Paartalu tihnks playing against Rowlin Borges it’s a great battel

Paartalu tihnks playing against Rowlin Borges it’s a great battel

Due to the worldwide Corona Virus, outbreak and nationwide lockdown pressurized every one to stay at their home. Indian football commentator and specialist Anant Tyagi interacted with Bengaluru FC midfielder Eric Paartalu on Indian Super League’s (ISL) official  Instagram page.

Paartalu has been asked so many questions regarding his new contract extensions, his biggest achievement, BFC’s environment and on the toughest opponent.

  Paartalu on how he started playing football

It all started in the backyard playing with my older brother and my dad. I wanted to be like my brother. I haven’t been a great technical player, but I’m extremely hard-working, dedicated and determined to be very fit.” Paartalu spoke in interaction with Anant Tyagi.


Paartalu remembers his playing time in the biggest club of Asia

At that point in my career, I was at a crossroads. I was at the biggest club in Asia, in South Korea, at Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors. I didn’t really have a great spell there and was cast aside for a couple of months, before ending up in Qatar, playing in the Middle East for three or four months.”

Paartalu on BFC’s team Environment

The club is an infectious place to be around. It’s a hard-working yet genuine environment. The staff are brilliant people. They’re not really picking star signings, it’s all about quality. When I first arrived at the club, it was evident we were working with hungry athletes.”

Paaratalu says is the biggest reason why he extended the contract

Sunil Chhetri was a big reason I re-signed at the club. I heard him speak at the awards night after the season had finished and he was really disappointed about how it went. If a player like him is so hungry for success, everyone is just right behind and driving the team forward.”

Paartalu thinks to play against Rowlin Borges it’s a great battel

For us this year it was Mumbai. Playing against Rowllin Borges is a great battle. He’s a player who, when you find on the team-sheet, you know they’ll be solid. Mumbai made it very difficult for us and we have to come up with something different for next year.”

Paartalu is well impressed by Sumit Rathi 

Sumit Rathi looks like a player who can play at another level. I like watching him play, I see something European about the way he plays. In the future, we’ve got to be getting these boys overseas, whether that’s playing in Australia or Europe.”

Paartalu thinks Indian football needs 27 games 

I think what Indian football needs is 27 games. That’s going to be great for squad depth. With 27 games you’re going to see a lot more rotation and players playing seven or more games rather than a few minutes off the bench.” Erik Paartalu concluded.

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