Ronaldo reveals his ‘siii” celebration’s origin

Ronaldo reveals his ‘siii” celebration’s origin

On e of the greatest of all time, Portuguese International Cristiano Ronaldo (CR7) always celebrates his goal in a unique, it’s called “siii”, it means in Spanish “YES”.

Ronaldo reveals his unique style of celebration with interaction with DAZN.

Cristiano Ronaldo remembered he first time celebrate the “siii” in Los Angeles.

“I started saying it when I was at Real Madrid.

“When we all won, they, said ‘siiii!’. I started saying it, I don’t know why. It came naturally to me.

“I remember the preseason in Los Angeles. We played against Chelsea, I scored a goal and I did this.”

Cristiano Ronaldo thinks the celebration comes to him naturally 

“People asked me: ‘why did you do it?’ I don’t know. I did it, I turned around, but naturally, because I always say that the best things happen in a natural way.”

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