Indian Football: Manchester United Legend Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole says Football will be rival of Cricket India

Indian Football: Manchester United Legend Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole says Football will be rival of Cricket India

Former Manchester United legends and UEFA Champions League winners Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole are optimistic about Indian Football development. They are also hoping India could do well in the football in coming days.

In an interaction with  ApolloXSports, Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole share their views on Indian football and partnership with Premier League.

Andy Cole remembers his UEFA Champions league winning memory

“It was a great feeling… something like that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. To this day, you know, you’re still talking about it. It’s twenty-odd years on, and people are still talking about what we’ve done in 1999. It’s a feeling that you’ll never forget.” Andy Cole told ApolloXsports.

Dwight Yorke recalls there Champions league winning memory

“These are things in your life that don’t come along very often as a player. We’ve been able to do that and twenty years later we’re still talking about it. It’s a historical moment. It’s arguably the biggest football club in the world; to be part of that historical moment for Manchester United Football Club, it speaks volumes for itself. So the achievement in itself, it’s a great thing… something we’ll all cherish, be a part of and be remembered for.”

Dwight Yorke says India football has the biggest fanbase for that reason all the big clubs are investing there 

“It doesn’t come as a surprise that teams are branching out to reach new fans. With India being one of the biggest populations out there, I can see why a lot of teams invested and want to reach out to India now, to reach fans they haven’t been able to reach before. So with the ISL going as it is going and it’s been able to attract all these players, it’s not surprising that the likes of Bayern as I said is looking to come out there and hopefully United will follow. Because without a doubt we know that we have the biggest fanbase in India… the likes of Liverpool and all these big teams are looking to make inroads into one of where the biggest fanbases are and India is one of those big places. I expect United to follow suit and it won’t be surprising to see others follow along the way.”

Andy Cole says football is a great opportunity for Indian kids and then football will be rival of Cricket 

“I’m not sure that football will rival cricket in India. For it to rival cricket, it’s gonna have to go some way. But football, it’s a great opportunity. It’s a good opportunity, obviously, for kids who wanna play football. It’s a great option away from cricket. So I believe it’s a really great thing to do over there,” Andy Cole concluded.

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